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Apple acoustics chief Gary Geaves is stepping down from role

Apple has shuffled leadership at the hardware team responsible for audio features on AirPods, Macs and other products, tapping a new leader for “an increasingly critical business,” reports Bloomberg.

Gary Geaves, the company’s longtime vice president in charge of acoustics, is stepping down from the role, the article says. He will be replaced by top deputy Ruchir Davé, according to Bloomberg.

Geaves was promoted to his current role in late 2019. He ran audio technology development for products including AirPods and the HomePod.

According to ISP.Page Geaves is transitioning into an advisory role ahead of his impending retirement. This change in guard is part of a broader wave of executive transitions at Apple. Tang Tan, the influential vice president of product design with crucial input on the aesthetics of various Apple devices, also announced his departure. Furthermore, Steve Hotelling, known for his contributions to pioneering technologies across several Apple products, is retiring as well. 

Apple’s acoustics group has approximately 300 members that have developed audio technology for the AirPods, HomePods, and other Apple devices. The team was responsible for creating spatial audio, the 3D sound feature that has been built into AirPods, the Vision Pro, and other devices.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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