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Apple Music adds new Love, Heartbreak stations for subscribers

As noted by 9to5Mac, the “Love Station” has a romantic theme featuring songs about falling in love, whereas the “Heartbreak Station” features tracks about heartbreaks and sad love. Here’s how Apple describes the new stations:

The Love Station features songs about romantic love, falling in love, feeling amorous, and feelings that these experiences bring. Tailored to each listener’s taste, the Love Station will play songs and artists they know and love along with recommendations. Not exclusively ballads, these love songs are guaranteed to amplify the mood; whether they’ve got that rush of a new crush, or that fully grown long time love. 

The Heartbreak Station features songs about heartbreak, unrequited love, breaking up, or sad love. Having your heart broken is awful. Sometimes during these moments, music is the only thing that can make sense of it all. The Heartbreak Station will play a blend of songs from artists listeners know and recommendations, to help them let it all out.

You can find these new stations in Apple Music by navigating to the Listen Now tab, then scrolling down to the Stations for You section.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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