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SnippetSentry launches solution for messaging app compliance

SnippetSentry, a provider of mobile communication compliance solutions, has launched a customizable and scalable solution for messaging app compliance.

This SaaS-based solution empowers organizations in the financial services sector to achieve regulatory compliance as they increasingly adopt modern and emerging communication tools to grow their businesses, according to Eddie Green, CEO of SnippetSentry. 

He says that it’s designed for seamless deployment, with minimum I.T. involvement and no changes to user behavior, so SnippetSentry’s new solution cost-effectively eliminates the challenges associated with complex integrations and extended deployment schedules.

Compatible with both Apple iPhone and Android devices, without any need for customization, SnippetSentry captures and safeguards mobile messaging app communications transmitted over unauthorized mobile communication channels such as iMessage, Android SMS, and WhatsApp. 

Details on pricing can be found here.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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