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Apple Original Films’ ‘Argylle’ makes $35.3 million in its global debut

Matthew Vaughn’s “Argylle,” the third Apple Original Films movie to go wide in cinemas, spied an estimated US$35.3 million global debut through Sunday, including $17.3 million from 78 international box office markets. 

“While that makes it the top title worldwide, overseas and domestically this frame, the ultra-expensive ensemble thriller was harshed on by critics and didn’t get folks rushing out to theaters,” reports Deadline. “Vaughn’s Marv financed ‘Argylle,’then sold it to Apple for $200M. Universal came on for the global theatrical release.”

Overseas, “Argylle” fared better with critics and still has launches to come — including Korea which is a very big Vaughn market. The hope internationally is that the film can pull its socks up and get a bit of a run with no competition ahead and as Hollywood titles have in general been holding well (see below). 

“We’re not expecting miracles, and we are seeing smaller grosses, but there has been solid staying power,” Deadline opines. “Still, there needs to be urgency to get people off their couches on the first weekend (is it confusing to potential moviegoers that AppleTV+ advertises these films front and center on its platform when they hit theaters, possibly leading folks to think they’re already on the service if they don’t read the fine print?).”

About ‘Argylle’

The film comes from director and producer Vaughn. “Argylle” follows the globetrotting adventures of super-spy Argylle (Henry Cavill) across the U.S., London and other exotic locations, featuring a cast including Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Rockwell, Bryan Cranston, Catherine O’Hara, John Cena, Dua Lipa, Ariana DeBose and Samuel L. Jackson. I’m sure Apple hopes this will launch a franchise.

Directed by Vaughn, “Argylle” is based on a script written by Jason Fuchs. The film is produced by Cloudy Productions and Vaughn’s regular collaborators Adam Bohling and David Reid, as well as Fuchs. Zygi Kamasa, Carlos Peres, Claudia Vaughn and Adam Fishbach serve as executive producers.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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