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Send app gets personalized artificial intelligence feature

 Iconic Hearts —  the company behind apps including Noteit, Starmatch and Locksmith — has announced that its Sendit app has launched a personalized artificial intelligence (AI) feature that chats with your friends for you.

With the new, free tool, a user can create a digital replica of themselves. Users feed the AI with answers to various questions, which the system then uses to generate a comprehensive and dynamic AI replica that acts and sounds just like its owner. 

Hunter Rice, founder of Iconic Hearts, ays these AI replicas are designed to be an interactive way to learn more about the people around you, in an engaging chat format. Friends, colleagues, and even strangers can learn about people by asking their AI’s questions like, “What’s your favorite song?”, “What do you like to do for fun?”, “Who’s your best friend?”. Each person has full control over their own AI, having the ability to verify, edit, and delete answers at any time, Rice says. 

Sendit allows users to post prompts and receive questions from their community of friends. To use, just choose a prompt (or icebreaker game), and receive questions from friends that you can play from your Sendit profile. Questions can range from “what’s your biggest fear” and “who is your favorite band” to “are you single” or “who is your celebrity crush.”  

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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