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Yay! You can order bifocal prescription inserts for the Apple Vision Pro

As I reported Friday, I successfully ordered an Apple Vision Pro and ordered prescription lens for use with the spatial computer. 

When you submit your prescription, you’ll get a message that tells you that you’ll be informed if the prescription is compatible with the Vision Pro. My prescription was for bifocals, so I was afraid that ZEISS, which makes the optical inserts, wouldn’t make bifocal inserts (Apple has said that some prescriptions aren’t compatible) — or that they’d cost more than the US$145 price listed for prescription lens.

However, a few hours after I completed my Vision Pro order and placed my prescription lens order with ZEISS, I received an email saying: “Good news. Your ZEISS Optical Inserts are being made.”

“ZEISS has reviewed and verified your prescription,” the email said. “Once your optical inserts are completed, you’ll get an email with shipping and tracking information.”

I’ll keep all AWT readers on how things process in obtaining, using, and testing the Vision Pro.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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