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StarTech introduces new Privacy Screens and Laptop Locks has announced the availability of a new line of enterprise grade privacy screens and laptop locks. 

Designed with the IT Professionals and business users in mind, the company says these products help solve physical security and data breach concerns for businesses. Laptop locks help prevent device theft which could result in a data breach and downtime, and privacy screens help ensure confidential or sensitive data is not easily seen by people around you or in public spaces.

StarTech privacy screens are built using Microlouver technology to guarantee a clear image while providing black-out privacy outside of +/- 30 (60 total) degree viewing angle. This purportedly prevents visual data from being compromised at your workstation, or in public / high traffic areas. The privacy screens come with a carrying sleeve.’s lineup of laptop locks enable hardware components featuring K-Slot/T-Bar, Nano Slot, and Noble Wedge lock slot designs to be locked to a workstation’s anchor point to deter theft. Locks are rated up to 350 pounds of pull-force to ensure the lock will withstand the tampering of theft attempts.

A slim profile lock body and offset lock head design allows slim laptops such as Ultrabooks and other low-profile peripherals to be locked up while continuing to sit flat on the work surface.  A 90-degree elbow with a 360-degree swivel to give a full range of motion on the cable allowing better cable routing and positioning while reducing strain on the lock and laptop or device for flexible positioning. 

More information on’s full line of privacy screens, laptop locks and other physical IT security solutions can be found here. A desk locking kit, for securing multiple devices, is also coming soon.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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