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OmniPlan is coming to the Apple Vision Pro when it launches February 2

The Omni Group has announced that the first Omni app on visionOS for the new Apple Vision Pro will be OmniPlan, a management tool for busy professionals.

Ken Case at the Omni Group says that with OmniPlan for Apple Vision Pro, your Gantt charts are no longer limited by the size of a physical display screen. 

“When you’re working on a huge project, it helps to be able to see as much of that project as possible. With OmniPlan for Apple Vision Pro, you can spread your Gantt chart across an entire room if you choose,” he notes. “It’s a dream use of Apple Vision Pro.”

OmniPlan 4 for Apple Vision Pro will be available on the App Store when the Apple Vision Pro launches on February 2. Since OmniPlan 4 has universal licensing across all your devices, anyone who has already purchased the app will already have a license to this Apple Vision Pro edition. 

For those new to the app, OmniPlan 4 will be available for the same price that it has today: OmniPlan Standard for IS$199.99, OmniPlan Pro for $399.99 or by subscription at $19.99/month.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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