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January 10 announcements from the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show

Listing all the product announcements individually from this week’s Consumer Electronics  Show (CES) in Las Vegas would swamp this one-man news show. Here are some highlights with links for more details:

° Wearable Devices announced the availability of its Mudra Band, the neural interface wristband for remotely controlling Apple devices.

° Alogic has debuted new Mac-friendly displays and the MagSafe-compatible Matrix Ultimate Charger.

° Monokei Systems has debuted its Monokei Systems keyboard that’s Mac compatible and has customizable features. 

°  Bond Touch has launched its newest offering Bond Touch Lite for Apple Watch users. Available to all Apple Watch 4 users and onwards, Bond Touch Lite allows parents, grandparents and partners to stay connected regardless of the distance from their loved ones.

° OtterBox has introduced its Symmetry Series Cactus Leather, which it says is a sustainable and ethical alternative to leather cases.

° Zens has unveiled six new charges, five of which utilizing Qi2 tech and one that uses Apple MagSafe.

° Mila is rolling out air quality improvement products, some of which are HomeKit-compatible.

° Nanoleaf has launched new Matter-enabled lighting options, including its first outdoor lights.

° TP-Link has announced its Smart Video Door Lock with seven ways to unlock it.

° Aukey has introduced a variety of Qi2 multi-chargers.

° Ecovacs has rolled out the Deebot X2 Combo, a robo vacuum cleaner with Matter support.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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