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Here’s how to avoid the threat of the updated Atomic macOS Stealer

New malware launched in early 2023 called Atomic macOS Stealer (AMOS) targets Apple users and has become a growing threat. 

Now, with the latest iteration of the malware, malicious parties are planting AMOS inside fake Safari and Chrome browser updates for Mac. Check out this 9to5Mac article to see how it works and how to avoid the threat.

In September the folks at Malwarebyes Labs discovered a campaign pushing both Mac and Windows malware, the latter being an updated version of the Atomic Stealer (AMOS) for Mac.

AMOS was first advertised in April 2023 as a stealer for macOS with a strong focus on crypto assets, capable of harvesting passwords from browsers and Apple’s keychain, as well as featuring a file grabber. The developer has been actively working on the project, releasing a new version at the end of June.

Malwarebyes Lab says criminals who buy the toolkit have been distributing it mostly via cracked software downloads but are also impersonating legitimate websites and using ads on search engines such as Google to lure victims in. 

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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