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Level Home announces new Level Lock+ Connect, Level Bolt Connect

Level Home Inc. has announced an expanded connected solution that the company says enables more features through Bluetooth and WiFi for its suite of smart home product offerings. 

The new Level Lock+ Connect and Level Bolt Connect will empower customers to lock and unlock their doors remotely. The expanded network of platforms will also enable home automations with smart home hubs like Google Home and Amazon Alexa, on top of its existing automation with Apple HomeKit. Consumers will be able to lock and unlock doors through voice command through their preferred smart home hub with a simple reference to “Alexa”, “Hey Google” and “Siri”, and run automations of their connected locks.

John Martin, co-Founder and CEO of Level Home, says the company is extending its product line beyond physical and geographical boundaries through remote access. Level Bolt and Level Lock+ will now be available with expanded connectivity through Level Lock+ Connect (US$349) and Level Bolt Connect ($199). 

Level will also be releasing a Black Keypad accessory to complement consumers’ home design needs. This, along with Level’s connected Lock+ and Bolt, will be included in the company’s rebranded website to encompass the full product suite.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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