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IDC: more IT departments are supporting Macs because they’re more secure

According to a new IDC report — approved by Apple — more IT departments are supporting Macs today because they’re more secure. Among respondent to the research group’s survey representing a mix of operating systems in their installed base, 76% said they believe Macs are more secure than other computers. 

And in the next 12 months, the number one reason for adopting more Macs was because they believe Macs are more secure (47%). This was closely followed by ease of deployment and management (36%).

IDC conducted an online survey of ITDMs in the United States and Canada in July 2023, asking about their views on security broadly and the importance of securing computer endpoints specifically. The respondent pool represents a mix of companies with 500 employees or more from a range of different industries. These ITDMs support a mix of computer operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, and Google ChromeOS. They either select, purchase, or deploy security software for their company or manage the people who do.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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