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Mac and iPad sales in India are up 89.5% year-over-year in quarter two

According to Canalys’ most recent data, vendors shipped 3.9 million PCs (desktops, notebooks and tablets) in India in quarter two of 2023, representing a 15% year-on-year decline. However, it was great news for Apple.

The tech giant sold 319,000 Macs and iPads in the second quarter for 8.2% market share. That compares to sales of 168,000 and 3.7% market share in 2022. That’s 89.5% year-over-year growth. 

Ahead of Apple in India’s PC market are: HP (25.3% market share); Lenovo (16.5% market share); Dell (10.5% market share); and Acer (10.1% market share).

According to Canalys, notebook shipments fell 12% to 2.3 million units, while desktops dropped 17% to 764,000 units. Tablet shipments suffered the largest decline, down 22% to 873,000 units. But the PC market (excluding tablets) saw a promising 2% sequential growth, reigniting optimism within the industry, notes the research group.

Canalys’ latest forecast for the Indian PC (including tablets) market predicts that shipments will fall by 9% in 2023. But there is optimism for a bounce back in 2024 and 2025, with shipments in both years expected to grow robustly by 15% year on year, according to the research group. 

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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