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Readdle is ready for iOS 17 with dynamic new widgets across products 

Apple presented new features for iOS 17 at yesterday’s “Wanderlust” event. And Readdle is ready for the operating system update with dynamic new widgets across its product line.

In a press release here’s how Readdle says it will be integrating widgets and other software updates across its products, starting with stylish updates on Calendars for iPhone, iPad and Mac. 

Calendars is now introducing a versatile new set of widgets powered by iOS 17 technology, including color-coded Load Indicators. These circular icons mean that users can now view a fortnightly calendar, which reflects the portions of their day committed to work tasks, fitness and leisure. 

This gives them instant feedback on how effectively they’re managing different aspects of their life, and can help moving towards the goal of a healthy work/life balance.

In addition, users with more intense schedules also requested widgets which could deliver a glanceable view of their month and week. These ‘power users’ will definitely enjoy the new large interactive week widget with a detailed agenda. It’s like having a mini calendar app right on the iPhone home screen!

In addition, Calendars is delivering the following widgets:

Over a third of Calendars’ users already use widgets, and many requested further enhancements which the team honored. 

Further enhancements

We’re committed to ensuring a smooth transition and user experience with iPad OS 17. Users will find all the iPhone widgets and some bigger ones exclusive to iPad on their home screen. For the iPad lock screen, we’re keeping it simple with smaller widgets for quick access. This way, both your iPad and iPhone offer a seamless widget experience.

Calendars and Apple Watch 

Earlier this year saw a complete redesign of Calendars for Apple Watch. The update featured enhanced watch face complications and six delightful and stylish pre-configured watch faces. 

Now Calendars will be fully adapted to WatchOS 10, supporting its latest features like Smart Stack, UI navigation improvements, plus stylish colored backgrounds. Most importantly, even when your iPhone is not at hand, this means you can now check your schedule straight from your wrist.

Spark will improve your email management even further with iOS17. New interactive widgets will enable users to save time and manage emails faster with less reliance on laptops. Spark users will be able to mark emails as “done” or delete them directly from the new widgets, eliminating the need to open the app. In addition, Spark is rolling out:

– Open Priority list 

– Create a Calendar Event 

– Last image – the Shortcut would take the last image that was made on the iPhone, open Spark composer and attach 

PDF Expert brings more creativity to its iPad version

Documents is also stepping up with iOS17 from day one. A standout feature lets you lift objects from your photos and videos, offering creative freedom like never before. To summarize:

With iOS17, Scanner Pro is also bringing a new level of convenience to document scanning with improved widgets, in accordance with the best iOS practices.

Updated options in Spotlight:

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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