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Apple Podcast updates for podcast creators include a subscription analytics dashboard

Apple has announced new Podcasts updates for podcasts creators, including a subscription analytics dashboard.

Creators with at least one active subscription and the Admin, Finance, or Legal role can log in to Apple Podcasts Connect, click the Analytics tab, and view top-level subscription statistics. They can lick the subscription name to view more detailed insights and subscription trends.

Additional reports are available in Apple Podcasts Connect. From the Analytics tab, podcast creators can scroll below their list of shows to view other available reports. Apple says there several charts highlighting important key performance indicators. Podcast creators can update the reporting time period by adjusting the date selector. To get deeper insights on a metric, click the chart to view detailed trend data.

In January, Apple Podcasts launched Delegated Delivery, making it possible for creators to publish subscriber episodes directly from their participating hosting provider dashboard. Now, over 50% of new episodes from Triton Digital’s Omny Studio are published to Apple Podcasts using Delegated Delivery.

Today, Apple says the following hosting providers will support Delegated Delivery by the end of this year: Audiomeans, Captivate, Podbean, Podspace, and Transistor. 

Finally, Linkfire, the marketing platform used by the world’s top artists and labels, is expanding into podcasting this fall with a powerful toolkit built for podcasters, featuring an exclusive integration with Apple Podcasts.

Apple says that, with a Linkfire account, creators will be able to generate an unlimited number of smart links to landing pages for their podcasts and measure the ways listeners engage with them — while respecting listeners’ privacy. These pages, which work across devices, are designed to connect listeners to shows and subscriptions on Apple Podcasts. Creators can also link to their shows on other apps and feature related products, such as social channels, newsletters, merch stores, and live events.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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