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2001 First Generation iPod to auction for world record $29,000

Rally — the collectibles investing platform with 500,000 users and a museum in downtown Manhattan — has announced a world record for an original 2001 Apple 1st Generation iPod for US$29,000. 

On Rally’s platform, 5,000 shares of the iPod were originally offered to investors at a total value of $25,000 in December 2021. This buyout offer for $29,000 represents a 16% return since the IPO and a 26.1% return since the last trade for investors. 

The iPod was originally purchased for $399 + tax in December 2001 at Willowbrook Mall in Plano Texas, at an Apple Store that was actually opened just before the iPod release. Its original owner received it as a Christmas gift, and the iPod was placed unopened on a closet shelf, where it sat for almost two decades.

Rally offers 25+ unique asset classes for investment including sports memorabilia, video games, classic cars, vintage technology and more.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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