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What’s the Best Date to Sell Your iPhone if You Plan to buy an iPhone 15?

August 19-26 is the “wisest” time to sell your iPhone or risk losing up to 65% of its value when the iPhone 15 launches, SellCell, a site for selling phones online. This allows you to keep hold of your old phone and await the release of the new iPhone.

In a new report, SellCell says: 

° In 2021, the value of iPhone 11 and 12 models depreciated rapidly 28 days prior to the release of the iPhone 13. The iPhone 11 Pro 512GB depreciated the most; by the time the iPhone 13 launched on September 22nd 2021, it had lost 60.6% of its value compared to the launch’s manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). 

° In 2022, the value of the iPhone 12 and 13 models also depreciated with 28 days to go until the iPhone 14 launch date. This time, the iPhone 12 Mini 256GB depreciated the most, losing 65.0% of its value when compared to launch MSRP.

° Between August 26 and September 23, 2021, the flagship iPhone 12 Pro Max 512GB went from a trade-in value of $985.00 to $796.00; a loss of $189 in just four weeks.

° Between August 19 and September 16, 2022, Apple’s 2021 flagship—the iPhone 13 Pro Max 1TB—went from a value of $1,106.00 to $885.00. In four weeks, it lost a massive $221 in value.

SellCell has this to say: These trends show that the best date to sell your existing iPhone prior to the launch of iPhone 15 is as soon as possible before the release of Apple’s new smartphone. The savviest date would be 28 days before the iPhone 15 release, when phones start to lose most value. Existing iPhone owners looking to trade can lock in a price with a buyback vendor and wait for the new arrival of the iPhone 15. The longer a consumer leaves it, the less their handset will be worth.

SellCell collected iPhone trade-in data from its pool of d buyback vendors. This historical data shows the value and depreciation of selected iPhone models four weeks prior to the release of a new iPhone, and eight months after. 

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Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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