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Perhaps Apple plans an ‘iPad Pro Max’ to run Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro

Now that Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro are coming to the iPad, I’m beginning to believe those rumors of a larger iPad Pro.

There have been rumors that Apple is planning a 14-inch or 15-inch model (an iPad Pro Max, perhaps?) of the tablet. I’m been dubious, but now I’m not so sure. An even bigger iPad display would make it easier to work with Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro. And Apple continues to promote the iPad as a computer alternative (if not an actual laptop replacement).

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has predicted that we’ll see a 14-inch iPad Pro “in the next year or two.” I think he may be right. 

When it comes to a 14-inch iPad Pro, display analyst Ross Young has speculated that, despite other rumors, the super-sized tablet WON’T have ProMotion. However, I think if and when it arrives it will.

ProMotion is Apple’s name for the adaptive, high refresh rate, 120Hz display first available on the iPad Pro. While a standard refresh rate will update a display 60 times a second (60Hz), the ProMotion’s adaptive 120Hz screen works at twice this speed. This results in smoother scrolling, improved responsiveness and better gaming performance. 

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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