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What Are the Most Important CarPlay Apps & Why?

There’s no denying that Apple CarPlay altered the map of the automotive market. Now, car buyers are prioritizing cars that support the software, and most cars sold in the US are compatible with it.

CarPlay will make it easier for you to spend more time in your car; you’ll have access to most basic phone functions, and you can access them without taking your hands off the wheel.

However, in order to get the full advantage from Apple CarPlay, you’ll want to download all the necessary apps compatible with it. Here’s a roundup of the most important CarPlay apps to download.

For Navigation: Google Maps

Google Maps sits at the top of the navigation apps chain. It’s hands-down the best navigation application for high-traffic areas, which is why many people prefer it over Apple Maps.

Google Maps is essential because it provides real-time GPS navigation and rerouting, plus info about road obstacles and crowded roads. You can also access offline maps, which comes in handy if you don’t have an internet network.

For Parking: SpotHero

No one likes to waste their precious time looking for an empty parking spot, and unfortunately, that’s often the case in crowded areas.

You can download SpotHero and make use of its CarPlay compatibility. It allows you to enter your location and then shows you nearby parking spaces. If there are parking spaces that need payment, you can do it through the app to reserve your spot.

The application doesn’t cover the entirety of the US, but it covers most major locations.

For Music: Spotify

If you can’t drive unless you’re listening to your favorite music, you’ll love Spotify. It’s one of the best music streaming apps available for iPhone users. 

You can use it to create playlists and get custom-made ones according to your listening preferences. On top of that, you can get access to original podcasts and songs that aren’t available on other platforms. 

For Entertainment: Podcasts

If you tend to travel long distances, you’ll need something to keep you occupied while driving. A podcast can be exactly what you need if you don’t want to spend a few hours listening to music. Download Apple’s Podcasts application and get access to its full library of podcasts. 

You’ll have to pay a subscription to get full advantage of the app, but its convenience and ease to use are worth it. Besides, there are millions of different shows offered for free, so you only have to pay if you want to gain access to premium channels.

For Radio: TuneIn Radio

TuneIn supposedly offers the most extensive library of live audio worldwide. If you like to be constantly updated while on the road, it’ll come in handy because it covers live sports, breaking news, and live podcasts worldwide.

You get to choose between plenty of stations that broadcast DJs, podcasts, and even sports commentary, and it’s all for free.

You can pay for a premium subscription if you’re bothered by ads, or if you want to access exclusive content. Other than that, the app is free to use.

For Sports: MLB

If you can’t spend a couple of hours without getting updated about your favorite league, you’ll want to download MLB for CarPlay. It allows you to listen to games while you’re on the road, and you can check for any updates whenever you want.

To get access to listen to games, you’ll have to pay for a premium subscription. If you only want basic functions, you can use the free version.

To Wrap Up

To get the best out of CarPlay, you’ll want to download all the necessary apps you can find. For navigation, make sure to download Google Maps if you’re not a fan of Apple’s application.

Other than that, you’ll need Spotify for music, Podcasts for podcasts, TuneIn for radio, and SpotHero for parking. If you’re a sports fan, you might as well download MLB.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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