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macOS grows in popularity as Windows declines

As noted by Patently Apple, data from Statcounter by GlobalStats shows that Windows has dropped to a historic low of 57.37% market share in the U.S. desktop operating system market, down from its all-time high of 92.37% in January 2009.

The article says that recent trend shows that Microsoft’s Windows has steadily  been losing ground in the US, due to the rise of macOS and to a lessor degree, ChromeOS. And the trend line shows no sign of slowing down, as Windows is expected to lose more market share in the country throughout 2023.

As of February 2023, Windows holds 57.37% of the desktop OS market in the US, macOS holds 29.62% Chrome OS holds 7.47%. Linux holds 2.55%, and miscellaneous desktop operating systems hold 2.97%.

“The rising popularity of macOS and ChromeOS is definitely one cause of Windows’ current downtrend,” notes Patently Apple. “Apple’s macOS, supported by all Mac hardware, has been gaining ground since Apple introduced their next-gen Apple Silicon and its vastly  improved performance and staggering battery life on their MacBooks.”

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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