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Synology introduces two-bay DiskStation DS223

Synology has announced the availability of the 2-bay DiskStation, DS223, the latest addition to its lineup of storage servers dedicated to home and SOHO use.

Powered by the Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) operating system, the DS223 comes with a complete host of intuitive data management solutions that home users can leverage to get their growing data under control, according to Michael Wang, product manager at Synology.

The DS223 enables users to consolidate files from various sources on their own private cloud, making their data accessible and simple to manage from any device. It provides up to 36TB of raw storage.

Designed specifically for multimedia files, Synology Photos simplifies organization with automatic sorting capabilities. Sharing options make it easy to enjoy digital memories with family and friends, while support for RAW file formats supports professional creative work.

The option to integrate the DS223 with popular cloud storage services, including Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive, enables users to sync files to and from the cloud, delivering true data centralization and data ownership, says Wang.

The DS223 can serve as a destination for real-time or scheduled backups of computer folders, protecting them against ransomware or accidental deletion. On mobile devices, users can configure Synology Photos to automatically upload photos and videos to their private cloud for continuous protection.

Backups and other data stored on the server are kept secure thanks to the Btrfs file system, which relies on a number of technologies to prevent data corruption, says Wang. It also provides users the convenience of restoring files to a previous version in case of accidental or malicious changes.

Built-in backup solutions for the DS223 itself provide further protection. The entire system (including data, configurations, and installed packages) or specific shared folders can be backed up to a variety of destinations. Near-continuous protection is also available through snapshots that can be replicated elsewhere and restored.

With Synology Surveillance Station, the DS223 becomes a full-fledged video management system that stores footage locally for maximum privacy. ONVIF support and more than 8,300 validated IP cameras make deployment simple and easily suited to each location’s requirements, says Wang.

Multi-platform support — thanks to clients for macOS and Windows and Mac, and mobile apps, ensures prompt alerts in case of potentially dangerous situations, allowing users to swiftly take action,  he adds.

The DS223 is available for US $249.99 through Synology partners and resellers. For detailed information, please visit the product page.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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