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M&B Sciences’ NeighborhoodTrials app now available at the Apple App Store

M&B Sciences has introduced the NeighborhoodTrials mobile app, which is designed to make it easier for patients from diverse backgrounds to find clinical trials close to home.

The app, available in the Apple App Store and in Google Play, allows users to search for clinical trials for conditions they may have or trials happening in their area. Users have the option to receive notifications, request more information, or apply to participate directly through the secure app.

In addition to contributing to advancements in medical research, trial participants receive treatment and in many cases, gift cards or stipends to compensate them for their time, according to M&B Sciences CEO Dr. Eddlilisa Martin. The app connects to the NeighborhoodTrials platform, which healthcare professionals already use for patient recruitment, screening and enrollment, and patient communication throughout the trial.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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