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Oura, Apple team up for iOS widgets, Apple Watch complications

Oura (a smart ring company) and Apple have announced new, customizable iOS widgets and Apple Watch complications. Oura users will now be able to get their Oura data at a glance from their phone or Apple Watch. 

Oura is the first wearable to have Apple Watch Complications. The products can be used in tandem or independently for continuous health monitoring, activity tracking, and sleep tracking.

With Apple Watch Complications, users can add Oura scores and metrics to their watch face so they can get the information they need at a glance. What’s more, Qura has released an Apple Watch Companion App, where members can view their Sleep, Readiness, and Activity data.

Now on iOS, lock screen widgets are available to Oura members on any generation ring, using devices with iOS 16 or higher. The lock screen widgets display Sleep, Readiness, and Activity Scores, ring battery level, activity goal progress as active calorie burn or steps, sleep stages, daily movement, heart rate, and body temperature graphs.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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