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Apple’s iPhone had 69% of U.S. smartphone sales in November

In a note to clients — as noted by Apple 3.0 — the J.P. Morgan investment bank says that Apple’s iPhone had 69% of U.S. smartphone sales in November.

From the note: Recent surveys from Wave7 Research into US sales trends across various carriers in November 2022 indicate that overall iPhone 14 series demand remained high amid weak supply relative to the Pro and Pro Max models. iPhone share at all three carriers remains elevated above pre-launch levels and has even increased modestly relative to the share in October.

Inventory for the Pro and Pro Max models remained suppressed due to supply issues in Zhengzhou, China, which started to get better only toward the end of December. Due to the supply issues relative to the Pro models, the share of base iPhone 14 in the mix increased to 20% vs. 17% in October, while that for the Pro Models combined declined to 34% vs. 38% in October

Overall iPhone share increased modestly to 69% across the three carriers, vs. 68% in October, which is at par to modestly better relative to share in the month of November for prior product cycles; compares to 67% share for the iPhone 13 cycle and 69% share for the iPhone 12 cycle. Share for iPhone spicked up most at Verizon, while share at AT&T and T-Mobile were unchanged.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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