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Incase’s A.R.C. Brief is a well-designed, somewhat pricey, carry case

Incase’s  new US$99.95 A.R.C. Brief (A.R.C. is short for “A Responsible Carry”) is a well-designed if somewhat pricey, accessory for carrying your tech and personal goodies.

It’s especially convenient if you have a 14-inch MacBook Pro and a tablet. The A.R.C. Brief has soft landing storage that accommodates a laptop of this size (or smaller) and a dedicated padded iPad slip. This protects both devices in instances such as going through security at an airport. 

A two-way zipper leads to the main, soft compartment. There’s also a convenient AirTag pocket. And I recommend using one of Apple’s trackers when you’re storing and taking your pricey Apple portables on-the-road.

The A.R.C. brief also packs an additional front pocket that offers easy access items such as keys, AirPods, wallets, etc. By the way, it’s available in a new Smoked Ivy colorway, which the folks at InCase describe as a “neutral but elevated color that reflects a sustainable future and a grounded nostalgia.”

The Brief is a little expensive and isn’t for folks with laptops bigger than 14 inches, but it’s versatile and relatively attractive. 

By the way, the A.R.C. collection is an ecosystem of sustainable bags for mobile Features include premium, sustainable materials, and trims, including 900D by 1200D Recycled Polyester that is designed to repel moisture and resists wear, eco-friendly Ortholite Impressions memory foam, RFID-blocking material, and bacterial growth prevention.

 Apple World Today rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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