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Kahoot! Launches study, learning app for macOS

Kahoot!, a global learning and engagement platform, has launched the Kahoot! app for macOS

It gives students access to new features that help them reduce the number of hours spent on re-reading and re-copying notes, making their learning experience more engaging and transforming studying into a fun and social experience ahead of the exam season, according to Sean D’Arcy, vice president of Kahoot! at School and Home. 

Color Kingdoms

Color Kingdoms is the newest game mode available in Kahoot! where two teams compete against each other to conquer land. The game’s goal is to conquer the land with blue or red flags by answering correctly to the questions shown on the screen. The team that answers faster and with more accuracy can expand its kingdom and the one that conquers more territory in a limited amount of time will be the winner. 

With Color Kingdoms students can study together with their friends. They can create their kahoots and prepare for their exams while they learn and play together. 

Create, play, learn and repeat with new Flashcards 

Mac users can create their own collection of flashcards within the Kahoot! app for macOS, offering a way for students to train their memory and reinforce their learning ahead of their exams. Once the flashcards are created, they can play and learn at their own pace, master their knowledge and build up their confidence ahead of their exams. 

Focus time with the new Kahoot! dark mode 

D’Arcy says millions of students around the world prefer to focus and study at night. The new dark mode on the Kahoot! app for macOS has been designed to help them focus in darker rooms, enabling them to darken the Kahoot! UI on their Mac and create a more pleasant experience while studying at night. 

The new Kahoot! app for macOS is available to download for free at the Mac App Store. It’s free, but expect to make some in-app purchases.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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