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When might we see an Apple Pencil 3? And what features might it add?

The update of the iPad Pro was a bit underwhelming. I was anticipating a new Apple Pencil to go along with the upgrade, but that, along with some anticipated features for the tablet, didn’t happen.

There were rumors that we could get a new Pencil with such features as:

° New sensors for more haptic feedback features;

° The tip of the Apple Pencil could have new tech that supports additional features or more accurate drawing accuracy.

° Support for a rolling gesture that would allow you to zoom in on the iPad. 

° A pivotal end that allows for rolling and sliding gestures.

° And (the least likely of all to appear this year): the ability for the Apple Pencil to scan colors from real-life environments into the iPad.

What’s more, future Apple Pencils could measure the coordinates of a 3D object and create 3D illustrations, as hinted at by an Apple patent (number 10,739,870) for a “stylus for coordinate measuring.”

Per the patent data, position data can be calculated based on, for example, acceleration, orientation, and static parameters of a stylus. As the Apple Pencil contacts contours of the object, the position data of the Pencil can allow mapping of the object as well as digital rendering thereof. The Apple Pencil can also be used to virtually create three-dimensional illustrations.                  I’m not sure when we’ll get an Apple Pencil 3. However, when it arrives, I want one in a space grey or black option. After all, the iPad Pro is available in space grey, and some of us like our accessories to match our tablet. 

Of course, I’d also like more color options for the iPad Pro. If that happens, I’d also like a matching Apple Pencil. (Sky blue, perhaps?)

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Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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