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iMag, iShield, iScribe Air — potential Apple products that never saw the light of day

Apple has filed for, and been granted, many patents for concepts for new and revolutionary products, but some never make it to market. Sometimes it’s because there’s no interest. Sometimes the landscape changes. 

Or sometimes Apple simply decides the product just isn’t viable at the time. Which doesn’t mean that the tech giant might not reconsider such products in the future.

For their latest project, SimpleGhar discovered 3 Apple patents that never made it to production and then brought them to life with 3D renders that you can view here, along with several other concepts from other companies.

Here’s a complete list of the Apple patents featured in the project:

iMag – The gaming kit consists of a range of magnetic accessories, allowing gamers to up the ante, switch up their screen and experience unrivaled gameplay control.

iShield – Designed to come built into all new Apple devices. Consisting of a simple yet highly effective set of retractable screen protecting pins that will cushion the screen on impact to prevent any breakages.

iScribe Air – The smart stylus that requires no touch-sensitive surface to bring your creations to life. Perfect for writers, designers and artists to develop their craft or even just for everyday use when jotting down a quick list, note or message.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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