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JumpCloud To Launch Free Remote Access Solution to Help IT Admins Manage Remote Workforces 

JumpCloud Inc., an U.S.-based enterprise software company headquartered in Denver, Colorado, has announced the upcoming launch of JumpCloud Remote Assist, a free cloud-based solution that allows IT admins and MSPs to support global workers by quickly accessing remote end-user devices at the click of a button. 

Greg Armanini, senior director of product management, JumpCloud, says that JumpCloud Remote Assist ensures that IT can securely access employees’ devices and assist them as long as the end-user device is online. He adds that key features and benefits include: 

JumpCloud Remote Assist will be free for any organization to use, at any scale, for any number of devices, without any limits on time. This free solution will be fully available within the next week. Visit and sign up for a free account.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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