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Apple’s Swift Playgrounds gets customizable tool kit, more

Apple has updated Swift Playgrounds, a free iPad and Mac app to teach kids of any age basic coding skills in Swift, to version 4.2. According to Apple’s release notes, the upgrade takes advantage of new new application programming interfaces (APIs) that were introduced with iPadOS 16.

The tech giant says this brings even more desktop-level interface elements to iPad apps, including a customizable toolbar with quick access to favorite items, as well as previews for tabs and Stage Manager support. Users can add their favorite items and new App Preview tabs allow users to quickly switch between multiple previews.

Swift Playgrounds 4.2 now offers machine learning (ML) lessons. Users can now learn the fundamentals of ML by training a model with a rock, paper, and scissors game to understand how computers can make predictions with data.

Swift Playgrounds for Mac can be downloaded from the Mac App Store, and Swift Playgrounds for ‌iPad‌ can be downloaded from the iOS App Store.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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