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IPX launches IP generating platform FRENZ on the Apple App Store

IPX (formerly known as LINE FRIENDS) says its digital IP generating platform FRENZ has globally launched, following successful beta tests this year. 

Available since October 14, users from all over the world can now create, own, and even monetize their customized IP characters by downloading the app available on iOS and Android. Here’s what the Gant at IPX says you can expect from the new app:

° An infinite number of customized IP characters in shapes of humans or animals can be created using the pool of thousands of “Parts” consisting various types of eyes, nose, mouth, and skin tone, along with hair and fashion styles, accessories, and wallpapers.

°Ownership of the uniquely developed digital IP characters can be verified, by having them created into non-fungible tokens, or NFTs – these can later be minted on Solana-based global NFT marketplaces, conveniently supported within the app.

° End-users can feature their digital characters on personal online contents via diverse mediums, such as live stream platforms, webtoons and or the metaverse. This can help enable a comprehensive character business around product creation, derivative works, and IP licensing.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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