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LUPA Legacy’s iPhone cases have a great design and are animal friendly (if only they’d fit in my holster case)

LUPA Legacy makes some really nice leather cases for the iPhone 14 Pro Max (as well as other Apple smartphone models). My only complaint is that they won’t fit into my Answer 400 holster.

If you don’t use an iPhone holster, this won’t be a concern. And LUPA Legacy’s workmanship is top notch.

The brand’s Original Wallet Collection features animal and cruelty-free faux leather folios that are elegant and durable while providing secure card storage combined with drop-proof protection. 

The Original Wallet Collection for men and women features a slim design that fits in your hand, purse, or pocket. The faux leather folios hold three credit cards, IDs, and cash, while offering protection from scratches and daily mobile phone wear. 

The Original Wallet Collection high-end faux leather and handcrafted stitching. There are nine distinct folio colors to choose from, including Smokey Cedar (my favorite), Floral Charm, Desert Sky, and Golden Dusk. The cases also support MagSafe wireless charging — something The iPhone cases also feature screen and camera protection, with a raised lip 1.5 mm high to protect from scratches. A nice thing about the Original Wallet Collection is that they’re affordable at US$30.

Review overview


The Pros

  • MagSafe compatible
  • great design
  • animal free build

The Cons

  • Won’t fit in iPhone holsters


9.6LUPA Legancy’s cases stand out with their resistance to dirt and moisture, the great grip and feel of the cruelty-free faux leather, and the clear color hues.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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