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Apple World Today giveaway offers prizes from Gear4, Invisibleshield, mophie

Apple World Today will offer five lucky winners a change to get some serious goodies for their iPhone 14.

To enter the contest, just drop me an email ( and tell me which model of the iPhone 14 you’ve bought (or plan to buy) and how long you’ve been an Apple World Today reader. Entries must be received by 4 pm (Central) on Friday, Sept.. 23.

Winners will receive a Gear4, Invisibleshield, and mophie product bundle for the iPhone 14. The winners will be given the choice to choose which Invisibleshield, Gear4 and mophie product they’d like for the bundle.

Giveaway winners must be located in the U.S or Canada as we’re unable to ship some of the power products to certain countries.  

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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