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Towson, Maryland Apple retail employees surveyed about their bargaining concerns regarding unionization

Apple retail employees at the Towson, Maryland store (the unionized location) were given bargaining surveys to fill out late last week to guide the union in how they will negotiate with Apple, tweets Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman

So far, no changes at store have been implemented due to unionization, the article notes, he notes. Retail employees are asked to choose up to three issues from a list of eight:

The list is also broken down into more detail, and members are asked to rate the importance of each issue from “Not important” to “Essential.”

The Cumberland Mall store near Atlanta, Georgia, became the first to file unionization paperwork with the National Labor Relations Board earlier this year. In May, a group of Apple employees at the Towson Mall in Towson, Maryland launched a union drive. A fourth group of Apple retail store workers — this time at the Oxmoore Center Mall in Louisville, Kentucky — reportedly plan to form a union. And workers at the flagship Grand Central Terminal store in New York City have been gathering signatures

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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