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St. Clair Software owner promotes fundraising campaign to support Ukraine

Jon Gotow, owner and lead developer at St. Clair Software, is urging folks to support a fundraising campaign for Ukraine.

Here is the text from an email he sent out today: It’s been more than 100 days since Russia invaded Ukraine, and we’ve watched Russia’s tactics go from bad to horrific. Even though the constant news reports can be numbing, we can’t forget that there are millions of people suffering as a result.

Ukrainians have courageously mobilized themselves in innumerable ways, many joining the military and many more providing support for troops and refugees. As you may already know, my friend and fellow Mac developer in Kyiv, Eugene Krupnov, has been raising money by offering his well-regarded Mac app,
Unclutter, in return for donations. He’s posted a progress report detailing donations and supplies they’ve distributed. If you donated, thank you!

How to Help

Eugene is continuing to offer copies of his Unclutter app for donations of $10 USD or more. Proceeds are used to provide medical supplies, equipment, and charitable donations within Ukraine. Click here to donate and get a copy of Unclutter in the process.

If you’d prefer to donate through a larger organization (and not get free software), there are a number of charities providing resources to Ukraine. The Ukrainian Red Cross Society is a very direct avenue – they supply food, hygienic products, medicines, water, bed linen and other essentials to those that need it. Click below to donate to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

And a reminder: Please be careful when choosing a charity. Events like this can bring out both the best and the worst in people. Charity Navigator and CharityWatch are good resources when researching charitable organizations. 

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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