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News items you should check out: June 2

Since I can’t cover everything, I’ll often direct your attention to articles of interest. To wit:

° From Nikkei Asia: For the first time ever Apple is moving some iPad production out of China and shifting it to Vietnam after strict COVID lockdowns in and around Shanghai led to months of supply chain disruptions.

° From MacRumors: Twitter says it will be shutting down TweetDeck for Mac next month to focus on the web-based version of TweetDeck.

° From Google: Google has launched of a Google TV app designed for iOS devices, with the aim of helping iPhone and iPad owners to create watchlists, get content recommendations, rate movies, and more.

° From The Verge: YouTube is rolling out a new feature that more closely connects your phone to your TV. It works on iOS and Android devices.

° From MacVoices Live!: on the new episode, Chuck Joiner, David Ginsburg, Warren Sklar, Frank Petrie, and Guy Serle continue the discussion of the challenges, benefits, and balances needed for returning to the office, something Apple and so many others are struggling with. (Part 2) 

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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