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Apple ranks third in MBLM’s annual Brand Intimacy Report

Apple is the third-highest rated brand (again) among consumers when it comes to “brand intimacy,” following Disney and Tesla, according to MBLM’s annual Brand Intimacy Report.

Brand Intimacy is defined as “the emotional science that measures the bonds we form with the brands we use and love.” The Brand Intimacy Report compared over 600 brands across 19 industries.

Apple scored a 65.3 in the report, compared to 68.1 for Disney and 67.4 for Tesla. Also in the top 10 (and their scores) are: Sony, 65; BMW, 63.9; Trader Joe’s, 59.8; Netflix, 59.6; Android, 59.1; and SEGA, 59.1. In 2018, Apple ranked first in the Brand Intimacy Report, dropped to second place in 2019, then dipped to third in 2020.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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