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News items you should check out: April 15

Since I can’t cover everything, I’ll often direct your attention to articles of interest. To wit:

° From 9to5Mac: Apple’s privacy focus means fewer app features, slower development, say the company’s own engineers.

° From Apple’s YouTube page: Apple touts the Apple Pay in a “Chocolate” ad that shows how easy it to sign up and use the payment system.

° From DigiTimes: Apple manufacturer TSMC is on track to move 3nm process technology to volume production in the second half of this year.

° From Reuters: Apple products, as well as Dell and Lenovo laptops are likely to face delays if China’s COVID-19 lockdowns persist, analysts said, as curbs force assemblers to shut down and closed-loop arrangements get harder to maintain.

° From AppleInsider: After being summoned automatically by an Apple Watch to a senior citizen’s fall, a police officer turned to Reddit to discuss how Fall Detection on the Apple Watch is responded to by emergency services.

° From The Mac Observer: Japanese auto manufacturer Subaru has announced wireless CarPlay for the 2023 Outback. 

° From iMore: Google has quietly launched a new app that is designed to make it easier for people to switch to an Android device from their iPhone.

° From MacVoices Live!: The MacVoices Live! panel of David Ginsburg, Frank Petrie, Warren Sklar, Jeff Gamet, and Jim Rea discuss Apple’s “Best Picture” win at the Oscars and why it is important. (Part 2)

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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