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I’m not the only one who has faced firmware update issues for the Apple Studio Display (resolved)

As I mentioned on March 31, a software update temporarily “bricked” my Apple Studio Display. Seems like this is a common problem. However, as f Monday, April 11, it seems to have been resolved.

As noted by MacRumors this weekend, Some owners of the new display are facing issues when attempting to update it to its latest firmware. Some customers are told to try to update again in an hour. Others are being told by Apple Support to bring in their display for repair at an Apple Store or authorized repair center.

Today MacRumors reports that Apple has resolved the issue that originated from the software being unverified by the servers. As highlighted on Twitter and confirmed by MacRumors, iOS 15.4, the latest software update for the Studio Display, had been unsigned by Apple as of late last week, making software updates for the display impossible. A few hours later, Apple resigned iOS 15.4 for the Studio Display, making software updates for customers once again possible.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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