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Apple Myeongdong opens Saturday, April 9, in South Korea

Apple has previewed Apple Myeongdong, a new retail store located in the center of Seoul’s shopping district. Serving as Apple’s largest store in South Korea, this new space will invite customers to discover Apple’s latest products, receive best-in-class support from highly knowledgeable Apple Specialists, and participate in educational Today at Apple sessions. 

“We are thrilled to deepen our relationship with our Korean customers with the opening of this special store in Myeongdong,” said Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s senior vice president of Retail + People, in a press release. “Our incredible retail team is ready to welcome the local community, and we invite everyone to find endless inspiration as they explore Apple’s innovative products and services.”

Apple Myeongdong will serve as a stage for established and new Korean artists, who will lead unique Today at Apple sessions celebrating contemporary Korean culture. 

The store will debut Apple’s first-ever K-pop Today at Apple Remix session featuring K-pop supergroup SEVENTEEN. The new session, set to launch in other Apple stores across Asia, will spotlight the band’s soon-to-be-released single, “Darl+ing,” arriving ahead of their full-length album that will debut in May. Attendees will discover more about the group’s creative process, and deconstruct the new track using iPad and GarageBand. 

Apple is also collaborating with other artists for inspirational Today at Apple sessions celebrating Korean creativity in all forms:

° Art Lab: “Draw Springtime Floral Greetings” with artist Nanan Kang;

° Photo Lab: “Capture the Colors of Seoul” with travel photographer Lee Jongbeom;

° Exclusive: In Conversation with Minha Kim, star of the new Apple Original drama “Pachinko”;

° Art Lab: “Create Your Own Abstract World in AR” with artist VAKKI

Participants are able to register today at

The two-level store is positioned at the base of an all-new tower in the center of the city, occupying the full width of the block and creating a grand street frontage. Landscaped pocket gardens flank both corners of the store, and include commissioned sculptures created by Korean artists Jaehyo Lee and VAKKI. 

The greenery flows into the space, with a shaded grove of trees lining the storefront. Apple Myeongdong also features the first installation of a horizontally supported double-height glass façade.

Once inside, customers can browse Apple’s latest products and services on the tables and avenues — including Apple TV+, following its recent launch in Korea. A newly dedicated Apple Pickup area, the first of its kind in Asia, is designed to make it convenient to pick up products ordered online. Visitors can travel between floors using the staircase, which is made transparent through glass risers, or through the stainless steel elevator.

The second floor provides ample space to explore and receive support from the 220-person store team, which collectively speaks 11 languages and represents over eight nationalities. Integrating locally sourced hanji paper shades, the Boardroom offers a setting where the store’s Business Team can offer advice and training to entrepreneurs, developers, and other business customers. The Forum, featuring a large video wall in the center, creates an elevated gallery with city views, and serves as the home to Today at Apple sessions.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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