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Ex-Apple employee launches class-action suit against Apple over payment schedule

Another day, another lawsuit. As reported by AppleInsider, an ex-Apple employee has launched a class-action suit against Apple, claiming the tech giant broke New York employment laws by paying its employees every other week instead of weekly.

Filed on April 4, the attempted class action complaint by plaintiff Raven Ramos on behalf of all Apple employees in the state of New York “that engage or have engaged in manual work in the course of their employment” It alleges that Apple has, and continues to, violate labor law in the state, which states that manual workers are to be paid on a weekly basis unless there is an express authorization from the New York State Department of Labor Commissioner allowing for payment to occur on a semi-monthly basis.

The suit proposes that its store staff should be covered under the law, and therefore Apple was breaking it.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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