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Setup offers ‘Made in Ukraine’ collection to help Ukrainian developers

The Ukrainian army has been fighting Russian aggression for 14 days. One of the ways the world can help Ukraine is to support Ukrainian tech products. 

Paying to Ukrainian developers would help Ukraine keep up its economy and finance the Ukrainian army while it is bravely fighting for freedom and human rights in the whole world. 

That is why Setapp has introduced a special Made in Ukraine collection. The collection counts 21 apps, including: Mental Walk, ClearVPN, Luminar, CleanMyMac X, Be Focused, Folx, and more.

Setapp international vendors also contribute to the future of Ukraine by donating their partial income on Setapp to Ukrainian Army, Red Cross, and Humanitarian Aid. As of today, Setapp vendors have donated over US$32,000. Here is all the information on how one can support Ukrainian Army or contribute to humanitarian initiatives.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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