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Survey: 24% of iPhone users will buy an iPhone SE 3 as their main device

Apple is expected to debut a new iPhone SE at tomorrow’s “Peek Performance” event. A new study by SellCell, a site for selling phones online, says that 24% of iPhone users intend to purchase the new iPhone SE for use as their main device.

The study also shows that:

° Sixteen percent of iPhone users will buy the iPhone SE 3 as an additional device or a gift.

° Forty percent of the total (2549 respondents) surveyed stated that they would purchase the iPhone SE 3 2022 either for themselves or for someone else. This 40% comprises people sitting in two separate camps. 24% (616 respondents) of those who said they will purchase the iPhone SE 3 2022 will do so for themselves. The remaining 16% (420 respondents) stated that they would purchase the handset as a gift or for use as a secondary device.

° Out of the 1,036 respondents buying an SE3, the majority will be buying for their own use (59.5%), after which Children (10.9%) seem to be the most intended recipients of the new iPhone SE3 2022, followed by Partners and Spouses (10.2%), Grandparents (4.5%), and other family members account for (3.4%) of intended recipients. (9.2%) would buy the iPhone SE3 as an additional device for themselves.

° iPhone 11 users lead the trade-in charge, with the handset accounting for 11.5% of models that owners intend to part ways with once the SE 3 2022 arrives.

° Thirty percent of those thinking of buying an iPhone SE3 are doing so thanks to its comparatively inexpensive price point (more on this in a moment).

° Other reasons for investing in the iPhone SE 3 2022 include upgrading from an old handset (25.5%), 5G capabilities (15.2%), its compact form factor (11.3%), and for the retro home button (Touch ID) (6.7%).

° Of those who didn’t intend to upgrade, (66.2%) say they are still happy with their existing iPhone model, (9.3%) are waiting for the new iPhone 14 to launch, (4.1%) say it’s too small and (3.0%) say it’s not premium enough.

SellCell says that “we’re probably also going to see a similar budget-busting price tag,” with the iPhone SE coming in at US$400. .

SellCell conducted a survey among adult iPhone users who use their Apple smartphone every day as their primary device.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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