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Gadget Guard Offers $350 Insurance Coverage for Broken iPhone 13 Screens

Gadget Guard has announced that its product insurance program, GuardPlus, has upped its coverage offering from US$250 to $350 for device screen repairs or replacements. 

GuardPlus $350 is available with Ultrashock Screen protectors for the iPhone 13 product lineup. Previously, customers that purchased a product with GuardPlus were eligible for up to $250 toward device screen repairs or replacements. GuardPlus $350 protection is now available for $89.99.

Customers can choose where they want to have their screens repaired.  Gadget Guard says it has a repair/replacement process with 1,000-plus repair stores and remote tech vans in its network. GuardPlus $350 customers pay $0 out of pocket at the time of the repair by using the network. o purchase GuardPlus $350, visit

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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