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I really want to see a 24-inch iMac this year with a more powerful processor

Apple’s first virtual event of 2022 is likely to take place in either March or April, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman said in his “Power On” newsletter. It’s almost certain to feature a new 27-inch (or bigger) iMac. That’s cool, but what I also want to see is an upgraded 24-inch iMac with a faster processor.

I expressed my love for the 24-inch model in my May 28, 2021 review, and named it as my favorite product of 2021. Admittedly, the current model is still plenty fast with its “mere” M1 processor. 

However, if the upcoming MacBook Air packs an M2 chip (which, by the way, hasn’t been announced), it will make the 24-inch iMac seem slow from a public relations/promotion standpoint. And, as we know, perception is reality.

An M2 chip or M1 Pro processor in the 24-inch iMac would also make it a better gaming machine. Upgrading its performance and graphic power wouldn’t steal any thunder from the 27-inch iMac, which will doubtless pack more power and have a bigger display for those who need it.

Apple could offer the 24-incher with a more powerful processor at the current price points and sell the M1-equipped models at a discount. That would make this perfect family computer more affordable for those on a limited budget and offer a beefier model for those who want/need more power, but not necessarily a bigger display.

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Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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