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News items you should check out: Dec. 1

Since I can’t cover everything, I’ll often direct your attention to articles from various other sources worth your time.

° From MacRumors: In what has become an annual tradition, select Apple Store locations are now displaying a red Apple logo in support of World AIDS Day on December 1, such as Apple Nanjing East in Shanghai and Apple Ginza in Tokyo, with other locations likely to follow.

° From iMore: A pair of rare prototype AirPods from Apple with a translucent design have surfaced online.

° From 9to5Mac: Beats has announced a new version of Beats Studio Buds in a collaboration with Union. These limited-edition earbuds will be available at Union’s Los Angeles and Tokyo stores and online starting today (December 1).

° From AppleInsider: Claiming that their treatment goes against the famous “don’t be evil” clause in Google’s employee code of conduct, three former employees are suing the company.

° From PC Mag: A group of Democratic lawmakers are reintroducing legislation to outlaw the use of automated bots to buy up retail goods, such as video game consoles and graphics cards, from websites. 

° From MacVoices: The third MacVoices Holiday Gift Guide features picks from an all-Minnesota panel of Charles Edge, Elle Newman, and Brett Terpstra. Get ready for some fun and some off-the-wall picks that are both tech and “tech-adjacent”. (Part 1) 

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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