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TD Pilot allows people with disabilities to control an iPad with their eyes

Tobii Dynavox, which specializes in assistive technology for communication, has unveiled the TD Pilot, a communication device for people with disabilities. With the release of iPadOS 15, TD Pilot brings Tobii’s eye tracking technology to iPad, enabling people to control the device with their eyes. 

TD Pilot — which starts shipping today — empowers people with disabilities such as cerebral palsy, ALS and spinal cord injury to have a voice of their own, live more independently and experience iPad using only their eyes, according to Fredrik Ruben, Tobii Dynavox CEO. The device provides native integration of eye tracking in iPadOS and it is an authorized Made for iPad accessory that has been certified to meet Apple performance standards, he adds.

What’s more, as a medically certified device, TD Pilot can be prescribed by specialists and delivered through insurance systems. Go to the product website for details on pricing and funding.

According to Ruben, the TD Pilot:

° Provides outdoor eye tracking even in bright sunlight;

° Supports purpose-built software, like the new app TD Talk, which generates natural-sounding speech using your eyes;

° Supports TD Snap, a platform offering a choice of symbol-supported solutions to facilitate communication and learning;

° Offers the Partner Window, a second screen on the back of the device mirroring phrases entered by the communicator, for more natural face-to-face conversation; 

° Includes speakers, extended battery, ultra-rugged design, wheelchair mounting and other integrated bespoke accessibility features.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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