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Indie game creators can vive for big prizes in upcoming Rogue Jam

Rogue Games, “a publisher obsessed with innovation and style,” is on the hunt for some games from top indie creators.
Starting Monday, Nov. 29, original games of any variety can be submitted to the first-ever Rogue Jam.

It’s an indie developer celebration that will culminate with an online weeklong event highlighting the best submissions. Winners will also have a chance at exclusive development deals and a share of US$800,000 in funding plus a variety of prizes.

The Rogue Jam submission portal opens at (don’t try to access it until then) once the clock strikes midnight Monday, Nov. 29. Developers have one month to submit their game until the portal closes Friday, Dec. 311. Winners will be announced in March 2022 in a week-long “Shark Tank” style reveal produced by IGN.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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