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Scosche launchesMagicMount Pro 2, ThudBuds Wireless Earphones, new charging accessories

SCOSCHE Industries is launching their first design for wireless earbuds at the Pepcom Holiday Spectacular 2021 in New York City. 

Th company says the US$59.99ThudBuds True Wireless earbuds (pictured) “offer thoughtfully designed features that make them more wearable and adaptable, while delivering a truly great sound experience at an incredible value.”

In addition to Thudbuds, Scosche is introducing the MagicMount Pro2 phone mount ($39.99 to $49.99, depending on the base type). Designed to hold iPhone 12 and 13 series MagSafe phones straight out of the box, this magnetic mount also holds earlier iPhone series and Android phones with the use of a MagicPlate.

Scosche is also debuting two new Power Banks that provide on-the-go charging for all kinds of portable devices: the 5,000 mAh GoBat MS ($54.99 and the 32,000 mAh PowerVolt ($199.99).  Coming soon is the MagicMount Charge4 ($54.99)  a wireless charging magnetic phone mount that holds and fast charges both MagSafe and Qi-enabled phones.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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