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Kandji’s Passport enables Secure Mac Authentication with Cloud-Based Identity Providers

Kandji has released Passport, an authentication product for macOS  that creates a one-password sign-in experience for users. 

It validates the credentials a user provides during Mac login against an organization’s cloud-based identity provider (IdP), so users need to remember just one password for both their Mac computers and the organization’s single sign-on (SSO) provider. Passport provides a native Mac login experience while streamlining device configuration, management, and security tasks for IT admins, according to Kanji CEO Adam Pettit.

“Additionally, IT teams see many help desk tickets from users who can’t log in because they’re not sure which password to use or who get locked out for typing in the wrong password too many times,” he says. “Having both the cloud identity password and local password synced creates a better user experience and reduces the ticket load on Mac admins.”

Pettit says Kandji Passport offers organizations an alternative to solutions that require a complicated setup process to sync Mac passwords with cloud identity providers. At login, Passport securely authenticates user credentials with cloud-based identity providers. Additionally, Passport boosts overall security within an organization by facilitating uniformity in password management. Users’ lives are made easier with just one password to remember; this results in less password reset requests, which are the most common source of IT tickets.

Pettit says Kandji Passport’s key features allow:

Configuration and deployment in minutes from the Kandji web app.

To see how Mac admins can give users an intuitive login experience that syncs with single sign-on providers, register for the Kandji Passport launch event on November 3 by clicking here.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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